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Google to Invest Rs 75,000 cr to to Boost Digital India Drive. Know it All!

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Google to Invest Rs 75,00 Cr :- Recently the news broke that the Alphabet as well as Google CEO, Sundar Pichai that Google will be Investing 75,000 Crore Rupees or near about 10 Billion US dollar in India for the digitization and the digital progression of the country. This News was revealed by Sundar Pichai Himself on The Youtube Live stream event, “Google For India” Where he himself told about the new along with loads of other things which will surely help the digital development of this nation to the fullest.

Google to Invest

How will the Investment be made :-

So, Sundar Pichai (The CEO Of Google) Mentioned that the investments will be made in various forms such as, various equity based partnerships, Other types of partnership investments, Or be it any operational, Or even on any Buildings and infrastructure At last on the development they will invest i the ecosystem of the nation. And this provides that India and the Digital Economy that it is has a strong suit of Future and a good leap can be made
These were the Words of Sundar Pichai himself at the Google For India Conference which was held Virtually on Youtube.

The Fund will be mainly divided into various sectors where development is needed and That Google to Invest 75,000 Crore is going to be a big Deal :-

The first Aspect that google has made sure will be to provide the people of India an access to internet in such a way that every person, know matter on how rural area they live, will have access to internet at a good price and in a more inexpensive manner.

Then Moreover many ammendments will be made for The Education system of the nation, and thus also many focuses will be made on Business that are small and medium based as they will be helped on the trend of digital development of the nation.

Google to Invest
Google to Invest

Aside from that the another form of ares where Google will embark is going to be AI (Also known as Aritifical Intellgience) Where people will be able to get the technology everywhere on the nation and thus it will be used for social cause and other purposes.

Aside from that In the event Union IT minister of our Country Mr Ravi Shankar also expressed his gratitude and hope towards the new fund and Google said they will also be promoting startups of the country later on.

And later it was said that Google will deple AI technology and that will be used in the fields og Agricultre, or be it Healthcare, or even Weather predictions and thus in the wake of the time of covid, these things will be getting everyone together and we as humans will embark victorious and help each other and mankind to the finest that we can.


The Google to invest 75,000 Crore Indian Rupees or 10 Billion US dollars fund in India to Digitize it will surely help a long way in the development of this nation and that every problem that the nation is facing right now, the most of them will be fulfilled after this.

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Exclusive -Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor in India.

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Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor :- Xiaomi is surely known for creating surreal products in the market and they are amazing at what they do, be it their Trimmers, TV or even Smartphones. Xiaomi gives the best that is there to offer and thus recently there has been rumors and MI has confirmed it with their exclusive Video release that soon they will be releasing the Portable Air compressor in the market which will be used worldwide to Fill air on tires be it Bike or Car and that too at a very affordable rate.

Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor
Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

About the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor, Know more than what you just know :-

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is a device that xiaomi just recently tweeted and this device is an amazing portable Air compressor that is just as big as the size of a lock and it is loaded with features and it has a digital led screen for the pressure reading, This Compressor is amazing and it is expected to be released at a very affordable price.

Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor
Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

It is a device which inflates the tires and it comes with a display that is a digital pressure sensor one. The device has a pressure control system which can be set on random as well as manual Psi settings and it is very sleek, slim and has a durable design and it sports a micro USb port and it charges pretty quick as well.

Expected Features of the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor:-

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is going to be an amazing device as it has a very slim, sleek and portable design, It comes with a Lithium ion battery and it will be used for various Vehicles such as :-

  • Cars.
  • Bikes,
  • Motorbikes,
  • Football,
  • And more.
    And it comes with a die casting cylinder and the pressure that it supports is up to 150 psi and it can easily inflate any daily use thing, the device is surely amazing in all aspects and it is going to come at a very affordable price and it comes with a digital display, stylish design and also adjustable and extension pins that will help a person in filling air on their respective vehicle or be it a Balloon or a Football or Basketball.

The Launch date of Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor and Expected Price in India :-

Mi Electric Air Compressor
Mi Electric Air Compressor

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is all set and expected to be launched in India on 14th of July 2020, as the tweet that had been posted on the Official Account of Xiaomi on twitter, and the Device has already been launched in China around 1 Year ago and it has also been put up on sale in the UK at a price of 39.99 Pounds and thus it is expected that its price in India is going to be around 3700 Rupees or so.

Verdict –

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is a great device and a must have essential for houses as it can be used for multiple purposes and it is very portable and strong thus it will stay along for a long span of time and work at emergency situations.