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Swannview link for windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC download For Free!

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Swannview link for windows 10:- Well, we human beings always love to evolve and progress and thus along the way comes amazing innovations that ease up our lives, as we all know nowadays lives are full of hassle and no one really has time for each other and we are always on the run… well if we are always on the run how are we supposed to take care of our houses?

Installing surveillance cameras right? well no that is going to cost you a hell load of money but here today we have a fascinating and amazing application that is made out of innovation to make the lives more comfortable, safer and pocket friendly which wont hurt your money and that is swannview link for windows 10

What is Swannview link for windows 10?

Swannview link will help you to establish your Network video recorder and your digital video recorder on any of your devices be it smartphone/tablet or laptop/PC. But today we have for you an amazing way to download Swannview link for windows 10 as well.

 Features of Swannview

Swannview link is an ultimate security boosting application for anyone these days which will allow you to remotely access to your Network Video Recorder and your Digital Video recorder ( NVR and DVR) that too from anywhere with just the help of the internet and Swannview link also has live option which allows its user to view live telecast of the surveillance camera’s at the desired location.

Features of Swannview link for windows 10:-

  • HD recording:- with the help of swannview link application you can easily watch your surveillance recordings at high definition which can easily help you in finding the burglar in any case.
  • Toggle settings from remote location:- you can change and update the settings of your home system being far away as well.
  • Inexpensive:- this application is very cheap and does not give a blow onto the pockets of the users in comparison to other surveillance apps or cameras
  • special motion management:- the application has a special feature which updates you on any motion on the camera.
  • manage devices:- you can easily add or delete or even manage the devices as per your comfort
  • multiple Camera setup:- you can easily set up multiple cameras in the set up option thus you can view different locations and different areas of your house at once.
  • fast setup:- swannview link for windows 10 only takes a few minutes to set completely up.
swannview link for windows 10

Additional Information:-

Size14.6 MB
Release DateMarch 6th 2017
CategoryVideo player and Editor appps
Installs1 million +

FAQ’s (Facts And Questions)

Q1.What is Swannview link?

ans: Swannview lnk is a DVR and NVR viewing Application which is one of the best applications for surveillance viewing as it is very user friendly.

Q2. How to download Swannview link for windwos 10?

ans: you will have to use an Android Emulator in order to download it for PC such as Bluestacks.

Q3.What is the app size of Swannview link?

ans: The Swannview link application is a very small and remote application yet it is very effective and its size is just below 15 megabytes. isn’t that amazing for such a ravishing app.

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